When the sheltering in place first hit and we had to close our sanctuary and start live streaming, I wanted to figure out a way to stay in touch and also offer some inspiration in difficult times. I hit upon a daily message and called it Sanitizer for the Soul. If you recall (and who doesn't?) hand sanitizer was in demand and mostly unavailable. I wanted sanitizer for the soul to be handy and available in excess supply.

At our June Consistory meeting, your Elders and Deacons wondered if we might offer our members the chance to write a Sanitizer or two, and I love the idea. In fact, some of you already have a great beginning in the emails you have sent me in response to the Sanitizers.

So you are welcome to write a Sanitizer for the Soul to share with our Congregation. For guidelines, it needs to honor God, have at least some Bible connection, strive to uplift our members and friends, and be non-controversial. Humor goes a long way! If you have a Sanitizer of your own why not write it out and send it to me at hrcbible@gmail.com. As always, I reserve the right to edit, but please consider contributing. The change of pace from my work might just be refreshing for the church! Even if you come across a devotional written by someone else that you think would be helpful, please send it but be sure to attribute the work to its source.

Pastor Fred