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  Like many of you, I love books.  Having said that, I can’t have any more!  My attic, shelves and stacks are overflowing.  I try not to buy any more.  If I desire a new book, and I always do, I try to just get eBooks, which take up no space at all. I recently made an exception as I suspect you all do too.  I bought the paperback book, “Historic Churches of Somerset County, New Jersey.”  Who could resist that?  It was written by Frank L. Greenagel.[1]  It covers the many historic churches in our region.  Naturally there are a large number of reformed churches.  I mention this because of you.  I want you to hear what he says about the Hillsborough Reformed Church of Millstone.  Greenage  writes, “The active congregation maintains the church beautifully.”  He then goes on to say how our church building inspired many federally style buildings, few of which remain intact.  I will be the first one to say that when it comes to churches and Christians, it is what’s inside that counts.  Having said that, we should be proud that of all the many historic church buildings in this region, ours was singled out for how you take care of it.  Since the book was published you have built a parking lot, raised the parsonage, restored the Memorial Hall tower and steeple, restored the church steeple, repaired and repainted the church, restored the doors, installed railings, and on and on.  You are generous people.  And you have not just cared for the physical church, you have ceaselessly poured out offering for the needy and for the promulgation of the gospel.  You are storing up treasures in heaven. I am grateful to God to share this ministry with you.  Shall we pray.  “Thank you, God, for giving us the wherewithal to make the buildings of our church a testimony to you.  Thank you even more that inside these the sounds of worship resound.  Thank you too that from the wellspring of worship, our witness goes out to help the helpless and the forgotten.  Please keep using us for your glory.  We ask in Jesus’ name.  Amen.”