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Psalm 91: Those who love me, I will deliver;
I will protect those who know my name.
15 When they call to me, I will answer them;
I will be with them in trouble,
I will rescue them and honor them.
16 With long life I will satisfy them,
and show them my salvation.

Because he (she) knows the name of God.

You are one of God’s inner circle. You know his name. That is no small thing.

A few of our church members lost dear ones this past week. When they told me of their grief, they named names. Precious ones died. They are not forgettable. Their names are etched on the heart.

God has etched his own name on your heart. The Psalm assures us God protects those who acknowledge his name.

You are supremely important to God. And God matters to you.

Whether or not you are aware of it from moment to moment, God has you in the palm of his hand and nothing can take you away from him.

God loves you.

Please pray with me. “Even when you are far from my thoughts, you hold me close to your heart, gracious God. Please help me to be more aware of you and to give you the love you so earnestly want from me. I acknowledge your name. Thank you for caring that I do! In Jesus’ name. Amen.