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God is love. So it says in I John 4.

Think for a minute if what we know was not the case.

Our faith is founded on love.

The great commandment is to love God heart, soul, mind and strength.

What if our faith was not about receiving and giving love to God? No other religion – say it again – NO other religion is founded upon a loving God who gives of himself to his people.

What if? What if God was not like who God is?

Life would be hell and hope would vanish.

More to come on this. But for now let us be overwhelmed by the love of God.

Please pray with me. “We bow before you, O God, astounded that you are love. Sovereign over all you could have been any kind of God. Instead you are the giving, loving God who let’s go everything to reclaim us for yourself because you love us and want us. Turn our stubborn hearts and minds back to you to embrace your love and to love you in return. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.”