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Romans 15:13
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you don’t pay attention pouring your morning cup of coffee, it overflows on the counter. If you don’t pay attention when watering your houseplants, the water overflows onto the floor. If you are putting gas in the mower and are not careful, it overflows the fill and splashes on the deck. When you are adding oil to your crankcase, don’t put in too much!

Those are unhelpful overflowings.

There are good overflowings.

Good overflowings are the goodness God is pouring into you to uplift you and enrich your life. God’s blessings not only fill us, they overflow. Don’t worry, though, three is more than enough. God’s blessings have no end. The well is infinitely deep.

As I write this Sanitizer, I am praying for you. Some call what we feel, “Pandemic Fatigue.” My phrase for it is the “Pandemic Fog.” Some are calling it “Pandemic Anxiety.” The symptoms are many and varied. Time gets foggy. What day is it? What time is it? What was I supposed to do? Some people find themselves losing their train of thought midsentence. Others can’t remember simple things they used to do on a routine basis that gave them pleasure. It is important to know that any symptoms you are having of this are shared by many, many others. You are not alone! You are in my heart and prayers as you cope and wait for the blessed relief that is due to us at the end of this.

The Bible speaks of God wanting to fill us up. If I may say, God is sloppy with his blessings. At least that’s what the Bible says. In the passage quoted above Paul speaks of hope overflowing. In the beloved twenty-third Psalm we read “my cup runneth over.”

God fills us to the brim but does not stop there. His goodness, hope and blessings cascade over the brim and slosh down.

Please pray with me. “Dear Lord, fill me. Help me to feel the cool and refreshing blessings from your Spirit wash over me. When I am sad, lonely, despairing, weak and warn, refresh my spirit. Link me to you, hold me close and let me feel the love you are so anxious to give me. I pray in Jesus’ name who came to give me abundant life. Amen.”