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You can say this for God, “He keeps his promises.” A quick glance at history proves that God keeps his word.

Many nations have come up against God’s people. The Canaanites, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Assyrians, Rome, for some. Where are those super powers now? Vanished in the dust of history. The Jews were often conquered, but of all the nations, theirs is the one and only that remains intact.

From 586 BC to 1948 AD Israel was a subject nation. Consider that today the same people are intact, with the same language, identity and most importantly, their God.

There is no parallel in history. Egypt is not the Egypt of the Pharaohs. Rome is not the world dominating super power it once was. Greece just came out of a devastating financial crisis. You have to study to know who the Assyrians even were and the Babylonians, too. And their religions? Gone.

I mention this because, well, because people of faith should be aware of this, first of all Those who doubt or deny the existence of God, or don’t believe God has power in the world have to explain this fact of history. Atheists must find a way to explain this. Chance? It doesn’t sound like it.

But secondly I bring it up because over and over again God says, do not fear. Israel faced ferocious enemies and God said, “Take courage, I am with you.”

He was.

Jesus said the same to the new Israel, the church. “I am with you.” Don’t be afraid. “I have overcome the world.” “Don’t fear those who can only kill the body.” They cannot kill your soul.

As we face our challenges in life, many of them considerable, it behooves us to remember the historical reality of a promise keeping God. He loves his people and surrounds them with protection. There is no other example in the history of humankind.
Fear not.

Let us unite in prayer. “Gracious and all-powerful God, remind us again and again for your lordship over history. We fret and worry; we cannot help ourselves. But time and again you have proven your faithfulness. Help us to believe you watch over us, give victory and will see us through anything and everything. You are our rock and our fortress. We ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.”