“God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well.”
-Romans 12:6

“All of you together are the one body of Christ and each one of you is a separate and necessary part of it.”
-1 Corinthians 12:27

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry at Hillsborough Reformed Church is made up of kids ranging from grades 6th through 12th. As in any church, our youth play a vital role in strengthening our congregation both now and in the future. Youth participate within all aspects of church life and are encouraged to utilize their many talents while serving God, our church and our community. Emphasis is placed on fellowship and developing strong bonds with one another and the church.

Our Youth have written about some of the activities they participate in:

Warwick Winter Retreat

“Warwick is one of the retreats where the youth group goes. This year we went during the month of February and it was a really great experience. This retreat brought us together and got us to work as a team. We participated in a lot of activities like hikes, scavenger hunts and competitive contests. We took first place in the Warwick competitions and had a lot of fun doing it. I think everyone had a great time and we are looking forward to going again next year.”

Hoagie Sale

“The hoagie sale is an opportunity during the year that allows us to get together during Sunday School and make hoagies for people to enjoy during the Super Bowl. It is a lot of fun and shows major teamwork because we all have different jobs and in the end it leaves us with a lot of well prepared delicious hoagies. Without everybody’s help and participation in the youth group, the hoagie sale would be hard to pull off in the short time before the church service is over, but everyone works together to get the job done.”


“Every year, the church hosts IHN, which allows less fortunate people to stay with the church for a week. Our guests stay in Memorial Hall where beds and rooms are set up for them. The youth help out by unloading the truck which has the family’s items like clothes, TVs and other important necessities. We also help carry in the beds and set up each room for a family. Sometimes during the week, our youth group members will prepare a meal and visit the families and do all they can to make their stay at the Hillsborough Reformed Church as pleasant and easy going as possible.”

Youth Sunday

“The entire youth group works hard and dedicates their time to create a fun, creative, and appreciated Sunday church service. For one day of the year, the youth get to take leadership of the church and put our own touch on it.”

Confirmation Retreat

“Our confirmation retreat took us to a remote farm house in Frenchtown. It was all girls and one brave guy. One group got up early and cooked breakfast. Then the other group did dishes. When lunch rolled around we flip flopped jobs. The outdoors was fun too. We hiked around and explored a bunch. I hope we go back next year.”

Activities and Trips

“The youth group tries its best to get together when there is no Sunday school or regularly scheduled youth group meetings. We try to plan activities and trips to keep all the members of the youth group interested and active so that we can all stay in touch. Some of the main things that we’ve done in past years are tubing down the Delaware River in the summer and “Fright Fest” at Dorney Park for Halloween.”

Thanksgiving Baskets

“Every year our youth group is involved in running the annual service project for Thanksgiving. We create flyers about the project and make announcements during the church service. We then make Thanksgiving dinner baskets for families in financial hardship. Our dinners included turkey, vegetables, fruit, and dessert wrapped in boxes for each family to enjoy. But that isn’t the end. Any extra food left over is brought to the local food pantry.”

Drop and Shop

“Every year during Christmas time, the youth group hosts a day at the church where parents can drop their kids off while they do all the running around and Christmas shopping.”

“I felt that the drop and shop was an exciting event at church. The kids and the teens had a ton of fun. The activities were interesting and everyone could participate, even the adults. And later, the teens could relax while the kids watched a movie. Some activities were tag, making gingerbread people, duck duck goose, and more. There were also small snacks and drinks for the kids and teens.”

Soup Kitchen

“Every year at Christmas time we go to the soup kitchen in South Bound Brook. We ask members of our church to sign up and prepare meals so we can bring them to the soup kitchen. We meet at the church and then bring the food over to the soup kitchen and make sure everything is set up before the guests start arriving. We greet the people and make sure that everyone has enough to eat. We really enjoy working together to make sure everyone has a great Christmas dinner. Even though we only go as a group once a year, it still makes a great impact and it shows how great it is to all work together.”

Our Youth Group is always evolving and welcomes new ideas and participation from all of our church members. Thanks and appreciation is especially given to our Youth Ministry Committee members, our Youth Minister and all those who volunteer, for their dedication, time and talents throughout the year.


If you are interested in participating in the Youth Group or would like more information, please contact the church office at (908)359-3391 or email reverendmueller@hillsboroughreformedchurch.org.