Hillsborough Reformed Church Prayer Warriors

This group has met on Wednesday at 7:00 AM in the Pastorís office for the past 26 years. Our numbers range from 2 to 12. This is a time of wonderful spiritual nourishment. Many members say they canít get through the week with out it. We pray for people on the Prayer List, friends, family and our neighborhood, State, Nation and each other. We have seen God provide many amazing answers to prayer: this is what keeps us coming back. We open with scripture and then one may pray out loud, as the spirit moves, pray in silence or just absorb the spiritual refreshment. Coffee and tea are provided to awaken our bodies at this time in the morning. God sends us peace and joy.

For more information please contact our church office at (908) 359-3391 or e-mail reverendmueller@hillsboroughreformedchurch.org. All are welcome.