Missions and Benevolences

Out of my abundance
I choose to offer my gift,
Knowing that what I regard as excess,
others may need, and that all I need,
others may regard as excess..

I choose not to waste,
so that others will not want,
and recognize that when all share,
all are enriched.

Lord, take this gift and use it for your purposes.

-Church World Service

Missions and Benevolences are taken very seriously at Hillsborough Reformed Church with a significant portion of our annual budget apportioned to support various programs. In addition, our congregation participates in many hands-on projects. Below is a sampling of some of our traditional Missions and Benevolences activities:

Christmas Stockings

During the summer, volunteers make the stockings, which are then filled by the congregation before Christmas. The stockings contain such items as toys, clothing and personal care items, and are given to children and teens supported by our local charities.


Several weeks prior to Easter, volunteers place Easter Trees decorated with paper eggs around the church. On the eggs are listed items for the congregation to bring and assemble into Easter Baskets for local families in need. Following our Palm Sunday service, everyone gathers together in Memorial Hall for a busy, fun hour, filling baskets with food and chocolates. The baskets are then delivered to the families in time for Easter.

CROP Tools and Blankets Program

This program starts when the Sunday school classes decorate collection banks to distribute to the congregation. During Lent, the children and their families will fill the banks with change. The banks are returned on Palm Sunday and all the monies are donated to the Church World Service Tools and Blankets Program.


Worldwide, our church supports the Reformed Church World Service and Reformed Church missionaries in both Honduras and Hungary. In the United States, we support missionaries in New Mexico and the Jackson County Ministries in Kentucky. Within our area, we support the New York/New Jersey Reformed Church Synod and the Delaware-Raritan Classis. Our local area ministries that are supported by Hillsborough Reformed Church include those concerning children, teens, inmates, elderly, new mothers and those with people in need of food and shelter. In keeping with our commitment to education, we also send support to several Reformed Church Colleges and Universities, including the New Brunswick Theological Seminary where many of our student ministers have attended.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities in Mission and Benevolence please contact our church office at (908) 359-3391 or e-mail reverendmueller@hillsboroughreformedchurch.org.